Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House


Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House

Zebra Longwing Butterfly

The butterfly house at Rotary Park has been donated to the park by the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.  The house makes it possible for native butterflies to be protected from predators as they transform from egg to beautiful butterfly.  All four stages of their life cycle can be viewed in the butterfly house.  It is not meant to be a zoo, however, and butterflies are released into the surrounding gardens as soon as eggs are laid and caterpillars are plentiful.

  Not only are butterflies enjoyable to watch, they are an important part of the ecosystem.  As they visit each flower looking for nectar, they pollinate them.  They are part of the food chain because that is nature’s way.  Because they are delicate creatures, they are often the first sign of problems in their environment.  Fortunately, people love butterflies and are willing to work to save them.  By doing so, other creatures in that habitat are also saved, which makes butterflies nature’s good will ambassadors.
  Volunteers from Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife built the butterfly house and dedicated it to well known botanist Tom Allen with supplies donated by Home Depot.  Many others have volunteered their time, plants, pots and other supplies; including Parks and Recreation, friends and neighbors of Rotary Park.  Cape Coral’s Special Populations help maintain the gardens surrounding the house.  The North American Butterfly Association has donated money to help maintain the butterfly house. In 2013, the house was expanded to its current size and a new aluminum structure was installed by Fabri-Tech a local pool cage installer.
  The butterfly house is open for free tours on Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:30 AM.  Knowledgeable volunteers are there to talk about our butterflies and help educate anyone who wishes to bring butterflies to their own yard and neighborhood.

For a virtual tour of Rotary Park and the Butterfly Garden,  Click [HERE]

(Submitted by Kai Schulz)


To see photos of some of the Butterflies that can be seen in Cape Coral, click [Here]

 To establish a butterfly garden in your own back yard visit the
and to learn what butterflies are found in Southwest Florida, visit the NABA local chapter‘s website.


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  1. I bought a monarch caterpillar and milkweed plant and would like to know how to “feed” the Monarch when it hatches (in case it’s too cold or windy to set free outside) for a day or so !

    Can you tell me where to purchase a butterfly house (like you folks have) to keep him in for awhile ?

    Thanks !! The cocoon formed on March 4 so I think it will hatch SOON !! Yea !!!!!!!

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