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Need a speaker for your non-profit organization, service organization, school, church or environmental group?  Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife volunteers can come to your organization to speak about the Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral and the wild life found here in our City.

Call 239-980-2593 to schedule.


Public Outreach — 8 Comments

  1. There is a teenager and his younger brother that is chasing wildlife, throwing rocks at them and trying to kill them, what can I do or what can be done about it?? Please help!

    • You need to call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission @ 888-404-FWCC (3922), or the Cape Coral Police. They are the legal bodies that should be notified.

  2. I live out in Burnt Store Marina, Lee County. We have an Osprey nest that has been was put up by some of the residents almost 20 years ago. This season alone (Dec.-Apr.) has had 3sets of chicks hatch. Now our new owners of the marina said they are taking down the nest, we are very upset they won’t let us be heard, they say it is a done deal due to it being a health hazard, because it flys over the tennis courts (meaning they might have clean up to do), they birds are amazing my adult children remember they and I so want my grandkids to be able to see them.. I will be so upset when I come back in the fall and they are gone.. If there is anything your group could do to help we would so appreciate it. Thank you for the listening. Vicki K

    • I suggest that you call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission @ 888-404-FWCC (3922). They would be able to tell you if the removal is permissible.
      Can’t you convince the owners to move the nest??
      Maybe the electric company can put up a new nest that is away from public activity.

  3. Our school, Cape Coral Charter School, would like some information concerning being a part of the Burrowing Owl Festival. Please advise. THANK YOU!
    I will also forward your name to the group that maintains the burrows and also runs the “Adopt a Burrow” Program. Thanks YOU for caring about our owls!

  4. I am the IB environmental teacher at Cape High School. I have a group of Juniors (2 classes) that meet from 11:00am till 1:30. These kids are really interested in our local flora and fauna and in learning about the conservation and preservation strategies that you folks employ as part of your services. Our number is 239-574 – 6766 school number…my cell is 239-218-5980 after 300pm! We are flexible . If sometime in March would work for you that would be great …however…we are flexible! 🙂

    Lori Shaw

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