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Enjoy photos of the incredible wildlife Cape Coral has to offer and check out the activities of Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.

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2012 Burrowing Owl Festival

Photos from the 10th Annual Burrowing Owl Festival

8 Photos

Burrowing Owls

Photos of the Burrowing Owls found in Cape Coral, Florida

24 Photos

Cape Coral Butterflies

Butterflies found at the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden and around the City of Cape Coral

26 Photos

2008 Burrowing Owl Festival

2008 Burrowing Owl Festival held at Rotary Park

24 Photos

Cape Coral Birds

Photos of some of the birds that have been seen in Cape Coral

19 Photos

CCFW Activites

Photos from the various activities involving members of Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.

11 Photos

2013 Burrowing Owl Festival

Photos of the 2013 Burrowing Owl Festival

102 Photos

Butterfly Stepping Stones

Sample butterfly stepping stones that can be purchased to support the Tom Allen Butterfly House at Rotary Park, Cape Coral

14 Photos

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