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CCFW Membership Application

The membership application can be mailed to:

Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife

PO 152761

Cape Coral, FL  33915-2761

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  1. To whom it may concern:

    Good morning:

    During the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 12, 2013, I heard a dog barking in front of my house. When I looked out, I witnessed my neighbor, Mr. Dick Perry come out of his garage and ask 3 children walking a dog not to disturb the owls. Yesterday, I asked Mr. Perry what had happened. He said he witnessed a little girl, a 10 year old child, the same one who had previously ransacked his lemon tree, poking a stick in the burrow.

    The owls dug this burrow over a year ago, before we moved here and it is virtually unprotected except for a little white fence so the babies won’t walk into the street.

    Three of us neighbors, who live directly around the burrow discussed getting help with having someone come out, and placing a sign, maybe even speaking to the parents of this child and possibly even painting a ” Keep Out” stripe around the immediate area so folks won’t walk so close to the nest. One neighbor, Ms. Marta Bowen already called some of the contacts with your volunteer organization.

    I just hope it’s not too late and that this little girl didn’t break eggs or kill babies inside that burrow.

    If nobody can come by, please let me know how we can help.

    Thank you for your response and your assistance.

    I shall be home all day today if you’d like to call or come by.

    Josette Dishongh,
    205 SE 19th Ct. Cape Coral FL 33990 USA
    TEL & FAX: 239-574-0381
    Blackberry 832-401-3888 emergencies only

    Email also sent to this org with BCC to neighbors
    Jeanne and Dick Perry
    Marta and Mike Bowen
    Vanessa and Thomas Stavros, Block Captain

    • This matter has been looked into by Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife. Thank you for reporting it to us. If this happens in the future, it is best to call Florida Fish and Wildlife as they are the enforcing agency for problems like this. Their number is 888-404-3922

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