Adopt a Burrow Program

Caring for the owls in Cape Coral is a monumental but fun job. If you are a homeowner or renter and have a burrowing owl on your property or a nearby vacant lot, you CAN help clean and protect that burrow.

On going classes are being held to teach homeowners the proper way to trim and stake owl burrows. If you would like to help “Save the Owls”, call us 239-980-2593 or email us at

Adopt a Burrow


Adopt a Burrow Program — 22 Comments

  1. Hope everyone got to see the Cape Coral Burrowing Owls on NatGeoWild. The owls were awesome and so were the members of Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife that were on the show. Great publicity for the Club

  2. We live on 17 terr. across from the Del Prado Publix and have had a burrow behind me for years. It is currently overgrown and seems vacated . I would like to know how to cut the weeds to encourage the owls to return or improve it if there are owls currently there. Please advise about your class for info. Thank you!

    Nancy Font

  3. I am interested in creating an Eagle Project that will help burrowing owls in our community. I would like to take the class and speak to someone about a possible project.

  4. I live at 612 SE 14th St. the empty lot next door has an exsisting nest with 5 owls I assume are parents & babies. This nest is staked but needs a sign. They are digging another nest next to this existing one which needs to be staked also, I am worried about the mowers coming by and going right over it. We would be happy to stake it if you let me know how. Their is also another active nest across the street and to the east by the telephone pole which also needs to be staked. I can come and pick up signs if easier. Thank you

  5. There is an unstaked owl burrow in Cape Coral on corner lot at NW 8th Pl and NW 9th St. (empty lot 901 NW 8th Pl) It is approximately 15 feet behind a staked burrow.

  6. I have been a resident of Cape Coral for 12 years and have enjoyed watching these owls. I have tried to start a nest as instructed with no
    success. However, I do photo the owls and keep a respectful distance and never done anything that would harm any wildlife. I am part of the Cape Coral Eagle Watch program this season and will be again in the future. Please tell me more about becoming involved with protection of the owls.

  7. Unstaked owl burrow nest in south east 46th terr.Cape Coral i’ve lived here for 2 years and i see them every day and prayed that thay have a family.and i’m so happy they have 4 babys owls.they have made there home in a ditch and i need it to be clean out for them and add stands for them and a signs put up. can you please help them.. burrow owl nest is very beautiful

  8. We are leaving to go back up North, but will be back in October. I would like to know more about care and maintenance of burrows near my home and if I could start a burrow at my home when we come back in the Fall. Thanks!

    • Jeanne,
      Get in touch with us again in October when you get back and we will give you instructions on how to install a starter burrow on your property. There is also instruction on our website at

  9. I have a burrow in my front yard and in the lot next door that I watch over.
    We have a neighbor who passed away a few months ago and in her front yard there is a nesting pair that we are sure they have babies or are ready! The Family members are not respecting the nest and a truck just pulled up 4ft away from the burrow! Can I come pick up a nesting site sign or can someone come out? We are all worried as neighbors…I believe the address is 3511 SE 2nd Place Cape Coral..corner house.Thank you so much!!

  10. We have an empty burrow owl nest in our neighborhood and would like to see if we can get owls in it. It is on the corner of Beach Parkway East corner of 19th Ave. right side. Can you help?

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